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Experience a unique wildlife safari. Then enjoy a world-class smoked Barbecue with exclusive BUSH BBQ lager while children play in a great play area.

A Bushveld
feast awaits you

The Bush BBQ has found the perfect sweet spot between paying homage to old-school Texas barbecue and adding that Bushveld touch to it’s offering. The brisket pops with fat and post-Sekelbos smoke, while the pork spare ribs cling to the bone with just the right pull. Beyond the standard fare, you’ll find rarer offerings like our 6 Hour Asado-Cross Lamb and Porchetta – spit braai for special events.


12-Hour Smoked Beef Brisket

10-Hour Smoked Pulled Pork

6-Hour smoked Pork Ribs.

8-Hour Flintstone Beef Rib

Chicken Rotisserie style 

6-Hour Asado-Cross Lamb-spit (available for special occasions)

6-Hours Porchetta-spit (available for special occasions)

What to Look for in a Good Barbecue Restaurant

Barbecue is becoming big business and there are many claiming to offer the real thing. Follow these tips to find the tastiest, most authentic smoke meat around.
We consulted some of the most experienced barbecue judges in the USA to find out what makes for good eating. Here’s what to look for…


Ribs should have a crispy, caramelized exterior and a tender interior. “A pink tint to the meat is fine,” says Jim Early, the founder of the North Carolina Barbecue Society. While judges may quibble over the merits of dry-rubbed ribs versus wet ribs, most agree that a rib where the meat is falling off the bone is a sign of overcooking and a competition loser.

You should be able to bite off a piece of meat easily, but not too easily, says Early: “I don’t like to be holding a rib like an ear of corn and take a bite and [have] all the meat on that rib falling off and be hanging like a flap on my chin.”

Pulled Pork

When you’re looking for good pulled pork, it doesn’t matter whether the meat has been chopped by hand or machine. What’s most important to barbecue judges is that the pork is tender but not mushy. Overly soft meat is a sign of overcooking. In good pulled pork, you get a marriage of meat flavor, smoke, and spices.


Finding a properly cooked brisket can be a challenge. The cut of meat has a grain that runs in two different directions, which makes it hard to cook to tender perfection. “You think it’s ready to eat and it will taste like your old tennis shoes,” says Wells. “Or you can cook it and pick it up and it will fall apart.”

To tell if brisket is cooked properly, pick up a piece and pull it. If it has some elasticity, it’s done right.

Barbecue Sauce

“If it’s drowning in sauce, you’ve got to wonder what the cook is trying to hide,” says Wells. That said, there are purists who believe real barbecue should consist of nothing more than meat and smoky flavor. But the general consensus is that some sauce—but not too much—is nice for dipping.

“When some people eat ribs, they want sauce on their face from ear to ear,” says Early. “I like the sauce to stay on the rib. I want to bite it and use a napkin, but I don’t want to take a bath.”

Asado-Cross Lamb or Patagonian Cross

The best lamb you will ever taste.


Roasting a whole lamb Asado style is not for the faint of heart. It is a special event for friends or family members and especially for those on a paleo diet. The tools and ingredients are simple and welcome the addition of assorted grilled vegetables. The time commitment is 5-7 hours plus preparation and it is best not to be in a rush. The method easily adapts to leisurely conversations and volunteer assistance.


A whole lamb is cut lengthwise from the rib side, spread open, and tied to a metal cross or spit that is driven into the ground and angled toward a hot coal fire. At some large asados, you may find four or more lambs encircled around the fire. The process is quite lengthy but any other preparation does not compare to the end result of taste and texture.

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